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Aw, man…


So, it hasn’t been a week yet… But, yeah, I’m blogging anyway, lol. I guess I’ll just make sure more than 7 days don’t go by between posts.

As I mercilessly roamed around, I noticed a lot of birthday blog entries. They reminded me of how I didn’t post about my birthday this year. And that, reminded me of other important events I failed to mention. And that, made me sad.

I planned to just lay face down on the bed, and mumble obscenities into my pillow. But, this seems better some how…

  1. I graduated from college with honors — B.S. in Accounting. Almost all my extended family came to see me walk. We haven’t gotten together in a long time, and they chose my graduation to finally do it.
  2. I commenced operation bum-around-and-just-have-fun. Sleeping, Movies, water parks, clubs & bars, parties, shopping, television, chilling…
  3. I celebrated my 22nd birthday (gemini). My boyfriend got me a new iPod Touch; my other one was stolen. We went to a nice restaurant, and partied, partied, partied. Other gifts were cute little things and cards.
  4. I decided to remain 2,500 miles from home, because I am in love. This forced me to decline a high-paying job at a top 10 university. My mom set it up for me; didn’t even have to interview.
  5. I adopted a 3 month old kitten from an animal shelter; named him Alex.
  6. I got a post-grad job. It pays about half as much as the one I passed up.
  7. I set my blog back up.
  8. Currently – Milking my last week of freedom for all it’s worth.



Stop asking me for WP plugins. I do NOT use WordPress.

I can’t believe I’m actually blogging more on So Pink than here.

I am very busy with school, work, and projects…

Hopefully I shall remember to update here more often.