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Don’t Trust GoDaddy!


Like the title says… Don’t trust GoDaddy!

As many know, I have been increasing interested in addicted to purchasing pre-owned domains.

Yesterday, I decided to give GoDaddy Auctions a try.
I paid their $4.99/year fee, and found a $10 domain to bid on.
Before I made the bid, I looked up the Whois for the domain.
Note the expiration date is 02/04/2010.

I won the auction (only bidder).
At checkout, an extra $10.89 was required to renew the expired domain. That’s right… expired!

Nowhere was I notified that the domain had expired.
Buying an expired domain means (1) you have to pay to renew it, and (2) the original owner can take it back up to 42 days after it expired.

I called their support, who basically told me Too Bad.
And I have just contacted email support.
However, I do not expect a much better response.

Email support was actually worse.

I am transferring all my domains at GoDaddy to somewhere else.
And won’t give GoDaddy, or should I say NoDaddy, another cent.

This lesson cost me $25.88, but I’m giving it to you for free.


Screw Finishline!


In my pajamas; Sitting at my desk; Angry texting my ex-boyfriend– 7:14 AM

Both of my old websites are available to register again.
I am so tempted to buy them, lmao.

The Story:
I bought some sneakers from on Dec. 14th with my credit card.
They put the $239.87 hold on my bank account.
At 6:23 AM…
They call asking for the phone number I gave my bank 2 years ago.
Not in the We want your business, and this is a formality voice
Or the English is my second language, but God I’m trying voice.
But in the Inarticulate hood cop interrogating a suspect voice.
I am, obviously, very irritated.
And I don’t mind letting this rent-a-cop know.
I won’t go into the back-and-forth that ensued.
In the end, I got a supervisor (or someone who said he was) to cancel my order.
Then, I called the toll-free number back to make sure it was actually canceled (it was).

The Conclusion:
I will never buy anything from Finishline stores or their website again.
There are too many other options to deal with poor service.
I will buy my overpriced crap elsewhere, thank you.

And now,
I am going back to bed.