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Too much Pink!


I would love to have more link exchanges.
Especially if you have free visitor content,
Because that list is so small, heh.

The So Pink applications are getting a tad overwhelming.
I kind of want to have someone else to accept/reject.
But, I’m not sure how to make that work.
It’s all good now.

You wanna see Hobbs?


He hates having his picture taken just like his mommy, lol.

Oh and here is that carrier I got him when I flew home…
(he was in the cabin with me)



Let’s get physical!


Oh no…

The title has nothing to do with anything.
Which is bad for SEO, but ah well…

As you can see,
I changed from doing italic beginnings about myself.
To italic tidbits from my favorite newspaper.

I am making a new layout for this website after I type this.

So Pink just got a new layout.
I am already feeling tired of it.
Probably because I look at it so much.

I am so sick of Olivia Kitty.
I’m going back to using my real last name.
Or just Olivia.

I fly back to my college town on Sunday.
I’m both sad and happy…
I can’t wait to see my wittle baby boy (Hobbs)!

I bought him his own website, lmao.
It was going to be all about him.
But, I’m making it into a cash blog instead.

And yes, I just blogged only 2 days after my last one.
Give me a cookie!