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Busy, Busy


Birthday, Hobbs

Hey, remember me? I hope so, lol.

I kissed my teen years goodbye.
My birthday was last Thursday. I am now 20 years old. I’m still down here in my college town. So, I only had friends with which to celebrate. We had an awesome time doing… some stuff wink
I got a pretty nice haul this year. These are my favorites:
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Meet Hobbs.
My 10 week old kitten I adopted from the local Humane Society. He had already been given back to the shelter twice. However, I didn’t heed that fair warning. The first few nights were hell. Seriously. But, he’s a lot better now. I’m glad I didn’t give up on him. He’s a tabby like my cat at “home”.
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I will probably be using the alias Olivia Kitty for awhile. Why? Because I bought yet another domain, It was before I saw your advice Jane, lol. Don’t worry about changing links, it just re-directs to  smile


So in love…


New laptop

Sony Vaio T2330: $699.99
Wireless Mouse: $14.99
Microsoft Office Suite: $149.99
Computer Optimization: $29.00
Microsoft Vista restore disc: $20.00
Removal of pre-installed free trials: $29.00
Warranty: $99.99
Tax: $69.20
Grand Total 1,112.16

New laptop

Best Buy rocks out loud.
My new laptop is normally $849.99. Vista is much better than I expected. But, it’s not as simple as XP. Not for dumb people, or those who can’t download updates.

You can’t really tell from the crappy pictures.
But, my love is hot. And fast. And smart. And… hot.