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Mission Aborted


Wearing a dress; Listening to the dryer; Watching my laptop; Feeling stressed — 8:41 AM

I am going to pass on the forum for now.
I just don’t have the time for it, and won’t for several months.
So, has been added to So Pink pre-owned domain list.

I’m going to grab my girl Didi and see what we can do about the forum.

I bought someone a domain in exchange for advertising.
Domain has been bought and handed over.
My link is not up, and she’s M.I.A.
Where was my analytical mind?

This has been resolved. But, I have learned a BIG lesson.

I am looking for someone to blog about nosrsly or so-pink.
Contact me with the following information:
1. Which website you will blog about
2. Your Unique Visitors each day (with proof)
3. How long the my post will be up

You would be paid via paypal.


Stealing from me?!


Sitting in my old bedroom, Listening to Vic Damone, Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos — 7:30 PM

I contacted the thief about my content via her blog. Although, I don’t think she’ll approve the little conversation starter, lol. She was despicable enough to change my words. Good thing I screencap’d the original comment. READ IT?

Okay um,
I was taking a break. Why? I am home for 3 weeks. 90% of my time has been dedicated to friends and/or family.

Someone was kind enough to tip me off to this…
A certain website has suddenly offered free web hosting.
And copied the following pages, verbatim, from
Stolen Stolen Stolen Stolen

All I could say was “Stealing from me? Seriously, though?”. Bleh, I shall spare you my ill thoughts regarding this person, and her horribly tacky website. Opps! One slipped…

Life Flash.
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