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Please stop it!


Let’s follow each other on twitter!

My heart signs seriously lack estrogen. *sad*

I decided to put NoSrsly off until March.

The creatures in my layout are not bunnies!
They’re pandabuns (pandas with bunny ears).
Made exclusively for me by a Kawaiiville member.

We all have things that annoy us on the personal or goodie website scene. Here are a few of mine…

1. Music.
Please just take it away! One minute, I’m happily listening to my iTunes. The next, I’m blasted with an insidious cacophony. I know you think Katy Perry and Rihanna are talented. But, I don’t! Think of my ears! My ears!

2. Resource websites with premade layouts.
I mean c’mon… You want me to use your content when you’re not even using your content? Doesn’t make sense.

3. Hypocritical blog entries.
The most annoying are ones where the author gripes about how much they hate other bloggers who gripe.

4. My Eyes Only: Links to private accounts
There is no reason for a link to your cPanel or WordPress to be on your website. What are you doing?!

5. Automatic Pop-ups, No-Right-Click, and Cursor Removal
(a) You know, the pop-ups that appear when you simply view the page. And won’t go away until you click “OK”. (b) Listen, disabling the ability to right-click will not keep your work safe. Anyone can view source, copy, and paste. I heart new tabs (c) Why?! There is no point in taking away my ability to see my cursor.
Sign this petition to stop the blatant abuse of javascript!

What is your list?

This is not meant to be offensive or define ultimate right/wrong.
We’re just stating opinions and preferences, darling.

I did this once before in September 2007
Ah memories…


Almost there



This has to be the worse email I’ve gotten in a long time.

SORRII!! Loll iit Wernt Mee Huu Sent iit Mayne iit Waz Ma Lil Sis Lolll Shes 11 And Geez She Wanted Too Hav One Ow Ur Soo Pink Sites Lolll Mayne She A Craziiii Idyat -xx Lol

Commenters, don’t hate me!

As soon as I finish tweaking this layout, and get Nosrsly back up.
I will resume persistent visitation of your websites  happy