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Stealing from me?!


Sitting in my old bedroom, Listening to Vic Damone, Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos — 7:30 PM

I contacted the thief about my content via her blog. Although, I don’t think she’ll approve the little conversation starter, lol. She was despicable enough to change my words. Good thing I screencap’d the original comment. READ IT?

Okay um,
I was taking a break. Why? I am home for 3 weeks. 90% of my time has been dedicated to friends and/or family.

Someone was kind enough to tip me off to this…
A certain website has suddenly offered free web hosting.
And copied the following pages, verbatim, from
Stolen Stolen Stolen Stolen

All I could say was “Stealing from me? Seriously, though?”. Bleh, I shall spare you my ill thoughts regarding this person, and her horribly tacky website. Opps! One slipped…

Life Flash.
Pictures still coming soon; I need to check up on my linked; I wish people would ask more questions on; Love makes you stupid; I miss Hobbs; Getting my roots locked next week




Blah, Blah

Dear Cowardly Anonymous Email,
No one asked you to put me on a pedestal. This is a personal website, not a tutorial/graphic/layout candy bag. I think it’s great you’ve found a new idol. I don’t want your worship.

Gosh, Shellz was right. Blog titles are hard to come up with.  sad

But yeah,
I was sick of the pop-up things. Perhaps because I them on my hosting site for so long. So I remixed both websites’ layout. I was going to round the corners, but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Hobbs is growing so fast, and he is not phased by the toilet incident at all. I have to shoo him off the seat all the time. He now loves the leap-and-dig-claws-in game. I am hoping that will pass soon :|

Mind my own business?
Background: I live in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom with my boyfriend, and his fraternity brother. Don’t judge me, lol! Anyway, our roommate is rotating between 3 girls at night. One of which is rather nice, and we’ve become well-acquainted. Friendly conversation revealed her ignorance of the other girls.
Would you tell her? Or leave it to the wind…