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Not really back. But, hi!


Drinking Tropicana lemonade, Eating a Quiznos chicken carbonara, Listening to QVC, Coding a website — 4:30 PM

[edit: 09/10/08]
1. Good news for Butters.
His limp went away that same day, and
My roommate sold him to someone with 2 other dogs, and a huge yard.

2. If you have linked me, and I don’t have your link up.
Please let me know!

How are you all?!
I hope you’re well. I am still very, very busy.
But, I wanted to take the time to blog.

Am I crazy?
I guess I thought managing college, work, free hosting, and 3 other websites wasn’t enough. I decided to start a hosting company. Some of you already know what it is, but others will just have to wonder  wink

My roommate got a pitbull.
He named him “Playa”.
But, I call him “Butters”, because he is a really light tan.
The dog doesn’t like my cat, Hobbs (who turned 7 months today).
So, we had to move all Hobbs’ stuff to the spare room.

Time to move.
Hobbs isn’t happy being restricted to his room, and our bedroom.
And I am not happy with the smell of Butters.
So, me and my boyfriend are going to be moving soon.

Animal neglect.
I feel extremely bad for the pitbull.
We don’t have a yard.
My roommate keeps him in this little cage in the living room.
The only time Butters is let out of the cage is to eat, drink, or be walked.
And, of course, I let him out the cage when I’m home.

The dude doesn’t even care about the dog.
He never plays with him. And he only feeds/walks him when the dog starts barking and whimpering. Now, Butters is limping. Well, hopping. He won’t put pressure on his back leg, and starts whimpering if you touch it.
My boyfriend thinks it’s from being cramped in that cage. But, who knows?
Butters needs to see a vet. And if my roommate doesn’t make that happen soon, the Humane Society’s phone will be ringing :|


That’s nice dear


Webcam, Hobbs

[edit: 06/13/08]
I am revamping 3 of my websites.

My Free Web Hosting website is doing fairly well. I would love to have more hosted though  wink

You may, or may not, have noticed the removal of my “Webcam” section.
Some people just can’t handle pictures of large (clothed) breasts. I plan to replace it with a Photo section in the next revamp.

Hobbs (my 3 month old kitten) fell into the toilet today.
I was scared at first. He’s still quite tiny, and had already been sneezing. But, now that I see he’s fine, it’s hilarious.

Good Girls.
While reading the comments on my previous blog (See Archives); I noticed a number of females stating that “they were too young to think about children” or “didn’t plan to have children anytime soon”. I thought this was really sweet.

I’d also like to commend all those who have progressed a grade or graduated!

Too often we focus on the bad behavior of this generation. If we gave those doing the “right” thing more attention; Perhaps more people would  smile