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U-S-A, U-S-A


Sitting on the bed; Watching my boyfriend pack for his trip; Wearing a white beater, and purple underwear — 7:08 AM

Posting method
Subtitles are too hard to think up. Heh, I can barely put out decent titles. So, I will begin each post with what I’m doing at the time.

Nationalism, bxtch
I love America. I really do. It has it’s faults, but there is no utopia. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. If you feel differently, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your moronic opinion (lol, just kidding… sort of). I will spend some of Independence Day barbecue-party-hopping. But, most of it will be spent in bed, w00t!

So Pink
The hosting is coming along fine. I recently introduced a third-party file manager. That was a little rocky, but we’re back on track now. We also have a members-only giveaway running.

Underage blogging
One of my hosted (a 13 year old) had to give up her subdomain. Her parents found out about it, and demanded its immediate closure. But, she is still allowed to be on MySpace. *slaps forehead*

How old should one be to join the blog scene?


Back to Basics


Return, Revamp, Vday, Links

Looking for more link exchanges (16 and over)!

I have returned, and my life is together, finally.
Thanks for all the sweet comments. They were nice to come back to  smile

I planned to come off hiatus yesterday.
However, since someone stole my cell phone, I was in crybaby mode. Also, Internet Explorer didn’t want to cooperate with my input fields (I check my pages in 4 different browsers).

Anyway, the new layout is finally here.
It’s clean and simple. If you see any bugs, or have suggestions, please let me know.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I felt very special today. Lots of smashing messages, among the annoying chain/group ones. My mom said I was her first true love (lmao).

My best gift was a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop.
I got to pick out my bear, watch it get stuffed and sewn up, and choose clothes and accessories. Plus, he put a little heart in it, and recorded a message that plays when I press the bear paw.

I got my valentine a box of X-Men valentines (the ones kids take to pass out in class), and chocolate fish that said “You’re a keeper” on the box (lol)