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Okay yeah!


I got a new laptop for Christmas (yay). I got other things as well, but that was the best.

So, I finally added WordPress. I said I would do it, what, five days ago? So, now this website and Dmw have switched. I’m using it only for blogging. I don’t need or want a cms to build my website for me.
I was able to import all my posts, but 268 of my comments were lost. Also, the formatting of the posts and comments are off. I’ll fix the formatting, but I’m not going to add the missing comments, lol.

Recommend a few WP plugins, please…

Name change! I am now using I wanted the name originally, but it was taken. I noticed it dropped, and purchased it right away. was too immature for who I am.

I was tired of my old layout. But, I left my Photoshop registration key in my college town. So, I’ll have to work on something when I get back. This new layout is simple, and all CSS.


Happy Holidays


Drinking water; Listening to jazz; Feeling sleepy — 10:37 AM

I really don’t have anything to blog about.
I just wanted to get my previous blog off the front page, lol.

All Christmas decorating, purchasing, and other preparations are done.
I am home for winter break, and currently snowed in my house.

My big project is organizing my computer and Internet accounts.
Which is turning out to be much harder than I thought.

I shan’t be posting again until after New Years.

So, as the title says…
Happy Holidays!