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Obama ’08



Go vote! I know I am did.

[edit] I am glad America made the right decision. [/edit]


Busy, Busy


Birthday, Hobbs

Hey, remember me? I hope so, lol.

I kissed my teen years goodbye.
My birthday was last Thursday. I am now 20 years old. I’m still down here in my college town. So, I only had friends with which to celebrate. We had an awesome time doing… some stuff wink
I got a pretty nice haul this year. These are my favorites:
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Meet Hobbs.
My 10 week old kitten I adopted from the local Humane Society. He had already been given back to the shelter twice. However, I didn’t heed that fair warning. The first few nights were hell. Seriously. But, he’s a lot better now. I’m glad I didn’t give up on him. He’s a tabby like my cat at “home”.
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I will probably be using the alias Olivia Kitty for awhile. Why? Because I bought yet another domain, It was before I saw your advice Jane, lol. Don’t worry about changing links, it just re-directs to  smile