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I REALLY want an iPod Touch. But, I have no interest in other Apple goodies. I plan to get a Virtual Dedicated Server. So, I can host all my domains in one place. My anti-spam thing totally works! Feels so good to be spam free.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Britney Spears (old and new). I don’t know why. I want to see The Ruins. The Curse of Alcatraz is possibly the worst movie ever. Don’t rent it! The music, and general production sucked. The acting was horrible. A crack-head monkey could have done a better job. Probably would have been more amusing too.

I’m the type of friend that will stick by you no matter what. My loyalty has pushed me to do the wrong thing sometimes. But, I can’t see myself turning my back on a friend.

What kind of friend are you?


Just a bubble


Alterations, M and J, Worldly

Frequent visitors,
You may have noticed the various alterations I made to the site.
It’s funny, I did all that to only keep four extremely small modifications of the original revamp. *slaps forehead*

Phone situation,
What I did next was tell J. M called later to apologize, and give his excuses (upset, joking, not thinking, etc…winking. I’m still friends with him, but things are different. I really don’t like the new side I saw.

Sadness is just a state of mind.
I saw that here, and it comforted me.

What’s your take on life?

Human life seems so small, and silly.
You could take over the entire Earth, and control a tiny speck.
The universe is incredibly huge, and increasing all the time.
We’re in the universe. But, what is the universe in?
A big box? And what is that box in?
Seems impossible to figure out. But, I feel like the answer is there.
Right there waiting for someone to notice it.

Bleh, we’ll probably never know.
I wish I was happy with that.