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Snow Day


I got a snow day off work, w00t! I am so tired of this theme, but I don’t feel like changing it. I do, however, feel like blogging. Duh, right?
Since August… I have gotten promoted at my job. I moved out of my boyfriend’s apartment into my own (we’re still together). I have changed my hairstyle 3 times (soon to be 4). I have made 2 new friends and several new acquaintances. Alex (my cat) has learned to open drawers, and either sit in them or knock things out of them. I have changed my blogging goal from every week to every two weeks.
Alright… night snow photo. It’s not terribly majestic, but hey! I live in an apartment complex, lol.



Put on a happy face


I just needed to get that last blog off the front page.
And I will pass on sharing my other daunting experience.
Entries like that always make me feel kind of vulnerable.

I asked for topics to type about two entries ago.
So here goes…

# something debatable like abortions or drugs or tattoos
- Okay, I pick tattoos. They don’t bother me. Mark up your skin any way you like.

# how you feel about certain issues on the news
- I don’t watch the news.

# how about the amount of job’s lost in the US or reality television
- I don’t watch much reality television anymore. I have heard of people losing their jobs. But, I don’t know anyone that actually has. Apparently the number of long-term unemployed is 2.9 million as of this February; which makes me very grateful to have my sucky job.

# have any friend issues
- Yes, I do… I really, really do.

# exactly what you do at college, and why everyone always says it’s boring
- People do different things in college… What do I do? I go to class and occasionally do homework. I used to hit up the parties/clubs, but I got tired of that fast. Organizations are out as I want to decrease (not increase) my obligations. I wouldn’t say college is boring. I just think most people are over formal education after being subjected to it for 14 to 15 years straight.

# music blog, fashion blog
- Fashion… You mean Freddy Krueger sweaters, lumber jack shirts, and skinny jeans? Eck! Music… Womanizer!

# knowing the difference between a friend and an acquaintance
- Friends are people you can truly be yourself around, and they come through for you whenever they can. An acquaintance is just someone you know, and don’t mind hanging out with.

# fun facts about yourself
- Fun facts… Um, I like to do 1980s jazzercise.

# something that you wish could happen
- I wish everyone really had a conscience that punished them when they did something wrong. But, what is wrong? I wish I had objective definitions of right and wrong. Oh and, of course, I wish I had a billion dollars.

# things that were interesting to you and not to the average human being
- Purchasing loads of domain names.

# something funny that happened when you were younger
- lol… I am going back to bed now.