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Feel Good Drag


Would you like to take over

I don’t know exactly what to blog about,
But I feel I should, lol.

The title is the title of a Anberlin song.

I really need to stop buying domains.
It’s like oh that one is only $8 or that one is only $25,
I have to get it! (addict)

… Yeah.

Oh hey, share a few of the forums you frequent.
I’m looking for a spot that’s not dead  smile

And if you’re rather clever,
Give me a topic to blog about in my next entry.


*Gasp* She said what?!


Wearing Aeropostale sweats; Sitting at the table; Having a stomachache — 8:39 AM

Pointed conversations have driven me to further examine my ideas and ideals.
I believe I will write an article on my conclusions in the near future.

My little brother’s 14th birthday is in 4 days.
I’m going to get him the new IPod Nano since his Zune broke.
And this silver dial Fossil watch.
(I really wubs him)

I am really glad to be back to blogging.
I had so much going on, and nothing seems to have come from it.
But *sigh* that’s my fault.

So… I may be starting a forum.
Why? Long story short… I can’t find a forum I truly adore.
It will be a place you can truly express your feelings,
Without worrying about an owner or moderator with power-trips.

Would you participate in my forum?

Don’t be afraid to say no, lol