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I quit!


Wearing running shorts, and a racer-back tank; Listening to Billy Joel; Drinking water; Watching my computer screen — 8:00 PM

w00t! Time to blog…
I’m still very busy, but I feel good.

I am putting my 2 weeks notice in this Friday.
My job, and the people I work with, have gotten way out of hand.
(Not going into details)
I am now in weekly allowance negotiations with my parents.

Hobbs is getting so big.
I remember when he was just a tiny thing *sigh*
He is obsessed with sticking his paw in water.
This includes the toilet, his water bowl, cups, the sink… Argh!

My little brother’s birthday is coming up (turning 14),
I really want to buy him a cell phone, but the parental units have forbid it.
(I still might do it)

Okay, let’s rant!

1. Don’t blame the server, because you don’t know what you’re doing
2. Tell your employees special instructions before, not after, they do a project
3. Jeans are meant to fully cover your rear-end
4. Don’t assume no one else is original, because you can’t be.
5. Don’t type things you wouldn’t say to someone’s face