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Too busy!


Yikes! I was supposed to blog two days ago…

I have been pretty busy enjoying my winter break.
Any time I spend online has been dealing with my So Pink move.
All the members have been handling it like champs, except for one.

The break has been great so far. Catching up with my friends and family.
My little brother has been getting on my nerves, but that’s typical.

Well, remember when I said I wasn’t taking anyone I dated seriously?
I dropped that fast, and now have a new boyfriend.
Hopefully, I’m not still on the rebound, lol.

Well, I have some accounts to transfer, and we’re going to see the lights later.
So, ttfn! Ta ta for now!


*Gasp* She said what?!


Wearing Aeropostale sweats; Sitting at the table; Having a stomachache — 8:39 AM

Pointed conversations have driven me to further examine my ideas and ideals.
I believe I will write an article on my conclusions in the near future.

My little brother’s 14th birthday is in 4 days.
I’m going to get him the new IPod Nano since his Zune broke.
And this silver dial Fossil watch.
(I really wubs him)

I am really glad to be back to blogging.
I had so much going on, and nothing seems to have come from it.
But *sigh* that’s my fault.

So… I may be starting a forum.
Why? Long story short… I can’t find a forum I truly adore.
It will be a place you can truly express your feelings,
Without worrying about an owner or moderator with power-trips.

Would you participate in my forum?

Don’t be afraid to say no, lol