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Yesterday, Michael Jackson died.

I was at my parents’ house;
My dad called from work to tell me about it.
I said “Wow, that’s so sad”,
And went back to working on my current project.
However, my mom came home upset,
And the rest of my evening plunged into the tragedy.

Most of the publicity has been reverent.
Celebrating his life and mourning is his death.
Recounting his many achievements and contributions to the world.
He was truly original; truly talented; truly beloved.

However, there are disgusting individuals that feed off the misery and faults of celebrities. Even just hours after they’ve passed away. Some do it for free, and others do it for monetary gain. I don’t know which is more disturbing.

Being anti-news, the only Michael Jackson information I had to go on were pathetic comedians and depraved animation.

Among other things,
I learned Michael Jackson provided DNA samples in the child molestation trial. And proved his case so well the buzzards couldn’t even file a civil suit. Previous allegations ended in settlement because lawyer fees would have exceeded the settlement (as they did in the case that went to trial).

Michael Jackson the star. Michael Jackson the icon. Michael Jackson the joke. No one seems to acknowledge him as a person; a human being.
I just hope he is somewhere at peace; happy.

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Proud to be an American?


Mr. Obama spoke of “a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy.” Quoth he: “That will always be my starting point.”Source

Oh God.

I stopped reading, watching, and listening to the news
For so long, I forgot why I did.
Now I remember.

I’m… distraught.

Our support of a horrid regime has planted a dreadful seed.
If you don’t know why the Israeli government is horrid,
Google things like Israel is evil or Israel massacres.

I have always been a nationalist.
And have defended America against citizens and foreigners.

As disturbing facts filtered into my little world.
I cast them off; onto an old man named Bush.

Ecstasy was mine when Barack Obama was elected president.
Although I quickly spouted All politicians are just liars to others,
Deep down I believed him.
I believed in change.
I believed in “Yes, we can”.

I don’t believe anymore.

But, where can anyone turn?

The news in every country is filled with awful things.
Humans continually finding ways to cause harm.
Harm to the Earth, the animals, themselves, and each other.

I miss my little world.
My 25-mile radius world.

Ignorance is bliss.