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Revamp, Life

So Pink
I have learned a lot from owning a free hosting website. Especially about how much bandwidth, and disk space one really needs. I have 29 hostees, and 7 of my domains, on one package. We’re only using 160 MB of disk space and 3 GB of bandwidth.

Domain Giveaway
I have to decided to give “” to one of my hosted. I’m not sure which one yet. No one seems to want “”  sad . I may have another domain up for grabs, but only if Cory doesn’t want it.

This is my new layout. It relies heavily on javascript. Some may have to refresh to see the true end-product. I appreciate all feedback, good and bad.

Life Flash
1. Gave up summer classes; they can have me Fall and Spring
2. My boss totally loves me
3. I am so into tokidoki; spending too much money
4. Trying to organize my life; both online and off
5. It is ridiculously hot down here  sad


Free Hat. Limit One


Giveaway, Comments

New layout up

I suppose I’ll blog now  smile

So Pink
My free web hosting website now has 22 hosted. I really need to be more exclusive. But, it’s so hard to say no when they’re like, “I want to be hosted so bad. Please give me this opportunity. It would mean so much to me!”. Who can say no to that?

Domain(s) Giveaway
I don’t want two of my domains anymore:
If you want to take one of them off my hands, contact me.

Some were surprised at the number of comments my last blog post had. What’s the secret? Comment on lots of blogs. Real comments; none of that “thx for the cmnt. i luv ur lyt” crap. The blog owner will (probably) return your comment. And that blog’s visitors may take a peek at your website as well.

I am working on a new layout for this website. It’s coming along… Slowly. I’m planning something simple I can leave up for the rest of the summer. I made minor alterations to So Pink’s website. I was planning a full revamp for it, but… no.

(In case you’re wondering, yes… the title has nothing to do with anything)