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Hobbs is gone


3 hours ago…
I put Hobbs in his carrier, rode to the humane society, signed a release, and left him there.

At the shelter,
I mechanically detailed the damage he had done to my home,
Presented my scratched and bitten body for inspection,
And neatly signed my signature.

When I got home,
I cried and called my dad (mom didn’t pick up the phone).
He made me feel a lot better, but I still cry sporadically.

I just feel so guilty and sad,
I got him May 23, 2008 when he was 2 months old.
He has always been a problem child,
But I thought he would straighten out.

The past 10 months have been up, down, up, down.
This last “down” has cost me almost $500.
And I just couldn’t take anymore from a cat that doesn’t allow holding/touching for more than 60 seconds.

I take a little solace in the fact that it’s a no-kill shelter,
And was actually over-crowded with people looking for animals to adopt.

I hate making my blog entries too long.
So, I will blog about my other daunting experience tomorrow.


Too much Pink!


I would love to have more link exchanges.
Especially if you have free visitor content,
Because that list is so small, heh.

The So Pink applications are getting a tad overwhelming.
I kind of want to have someone else to accept/reject.
But, I’m not sure how to make that work.
It’s all good now.

You wanna see Hobbs?


He hates having his picture taken just like his mommy, lol.

Oh and here is that carrier I got him when I flew home…
(he was in the cabin with me)