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Aw, man…


So, it hasn’t been a week yet… But, yeah, I’m blogging anyway, lol. I guess I’ll just make sure more than 7 days don’t go by between posts.

As I mercilessly roamed around, I noticed a lot of birthday blog entries. They reminded me of how I didn’t post about my birthday this year. And that, reminded me of other important events I failed to mention. And that, made me sad.

I planned to just lay face down on the bed, and mumble obscenities into my pillow. But, this seems better some how…

  1. I graduated from college with honors — B.S. in Accounting. Almost all my extended family came to see me walk. We haven’t gotten together in a long time, and they chose my graduation to finally do it.
  2. I commenced operation bum-around-and-just-have-fun. Sleeping, Movies, water parks, clubs & bars, parties, shopping, television, chilling…
  3. I celebrated my 22nd birthday (gemini). My boyfriend got me a new iPod Touch; my other one was stolen. We went to a nice restaurant, and partied, partied, partied. Other gifts were cute little things and cards.
  4. I decided to remain 2,500 miles from home, because I am in love. This forced me to decline a high-paying job at a top 10 university. My mom set it up for me; didn’t even have to interview.
  5. I adopted a 3 month old kitten from an animal shelter; named him Alex.
  6. I got a post-grad job. It pays about half as much as the one I passed up.
  7. I set my blog back up.
  8. Currently – Milking my last week of freedom for all it’s worth.

Too busy!


Yikes! I was supposed to blog two days ago…

I have been pretty busy enjoying my winter break.
Any time I spend online has been dealing with my So Pink move.
All the members have been handling it like champs, except for one.

The break has been great so far. Catching up with my friends and family.
My little brother has been getting on my nerves, but that’s typical.

Well, remember when I said I wasn’t taking anyone I dated seriously?
I dropped that fast, and now have a new boyfriend.
Hopefully, I’m not still on the rebound, lol.

Well, I have some accounts to transfer, and we’re going to see the lights later.
So, ttfn! Ta ta for now!