23 / f / usa

Graduate, Employed, Gemini, Heterosexual, Taken, Omnivore, Ambidextrous, Nationalist, Firm, Loyal, Bold


Self Portrayal

Contra mundum sums me up pretty well. Looking around, I feel it’s my greatest attribute. I am a faithful existentialist and iconoclast. I love books. Therefore, I love libraries and book stores. Despite my strict Christian upbringing, I am currently irreligious. I love music. I’m generally quiet. I don’t understand the value many place on the ability to speak aimlessly, or use a lot to say a little. I value silence, and the indoors. I often find myself in arguments over what someone thought I meant by my words (rather than over what I actually said). I am slightly obsessive compulsive. I can’t think of any general labels that stick to me. I’ve unconsciously drawn from various cultures and subcultures. Still, there’s a refreshing amount of originality in my being. My nuclear family consists of my mother, father, and little brother. I live with my cat, Alex. I work as an accountant for a credit union. I’ve done a few web development jobs, and develop my own sites.



Abortion: Murder!
Global Warming: It’s a natural occurrence; meaning it’s going to happen no matter what. This whole “going green” is just an attempt to push doomsday back for future generations to deal with, how sweet.
Homosexuality: Pass.
Affirmative Action: Good idea; not properly applied and managed.
Prostitution: Lift the ban, and regulate it.
Animal Rights: Kill in humane ways, and protect from harm during life.
Smoking: I don’t see the appeal.
Suicide: Do what you wish.
Racism: People come in different colors. Get over it.



Color: A certain shade of green
Book: A Confederacy of Dunces
Music: My Chemical Romance (group)
Quote: Tis bubbles we buy with a soul’s tasking
Drink: Coca-Cola
Food: Seafood
Animal: Cat
Store: Wet Seal



Skin: Brown
Eyes: Brown / Glasses
Ears: Pierced
Hair: Black
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 131 lbs
Feet: 7.5 USA
Bust: 36C
Style: T-Shirt / Jeans


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