Working FTW


August 25 edit // Still busy… //

August 16 edit // I have nothing new to write… //

I fell short on my make sure more than 7 days don’t go by between posts. I started the post yesterday, but never got to finish it.

I started my new job Monday. I will be in training for the next 3 weeks. I love, love the people there. It makes a big difference when people are in their career, and like it.

Working eight hours a day is so draining. Especially when you’re used to just eating and sleeping all day. So, no website updates. Some days this week I didn’t even open my laptop, lol.

Any WP anti-spam recommendations?


33 Responses to “Working FTW”

  1. Deanna says:

    Have fun getting settled in at your new job. I’m sure you will get used to the 8 hour days after a while. As for spam, I use a plug in called WP-spamfree

  2. Sindara says:

    Also congrats on your new job. happy

  3. Julie says:

    I hear ya about the working/blogging thing. That’s how I usually am. I am just too tired to come home, blog, and return comments.

    Good luck with your new job! What do you do?

    Askimet is great for anti-spam. That’s what I use… no spam comments ever get through.

  4. Spencer says:

    I hope you’re resting after all that work and training. I’m glad you like the people!

  5. Libbyann says:

    congrats on your job! happy
    get that money! lol