Just a bubble


Alterations, M and J, Worldly

Frequent visitors,
You may have noticed the various alterations I made to the site.
It’s funny, I did all that to only keep four extremely small modifications of the original revamp. *slaps forehead*

Phone situation,
What I did next was tell J. M called later to apologize, and give his excuses (upset, joking, not thinking, etc…winking. I’m still friends with him, but things are different. I really don’t like the new side I saw.

Sadness is just a state of mind.
I saw that here, and it comforted me.

What’s your take on life?

Human life seems so small, and silly.
You could take over the entire Earth, and control a tiny speck.
The universe is incredibly huge, and increasing all the time.
We’re in the universe. But, what is the universe in?
A big box? And what is that box in?
Seems impossible to figure out. But, I feel like the answer is there.
Right there waiting for someone to notice it.

Bleh, we’ll probably never know.
I wish I was happy with that.


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