That’s nice dear


Webcam, Hobbs

[edit: 06/13/08]
I am revamping 3 of my websites.

My Free Web Hosting website is doing fairly well. I would love to have more hosted though  wink

You may, or may not, have noticed the removal of my “Webcam” section.
Some people just can’t handle pictures of large (clothed) breasts. I plan to replace it with a Photo section in the next revamp.

Hobbs (my 3 month old kitten) fell into the toilet today.
I was scared at first. He’s still quite tiny, and had already been sneezing. But, now that I see he’s fine, it’s hilarious.

Good Girls.
While reading the comments on my previous blog (See Archives); I noticed a number of females stating that “they were too young to think about children” or “didn’t plan to have children anytime soon”. I thought this was really sweet.

I’d also like to commend all those who have progressed a grade or graduated!

Too often we focus on the bad behavior of this generation. If we gave those doing the “right” thing more attention; Perhaps more people would  smile


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