Screw Finishline!


In my pajamas; Sitting at my desk; Angry texting my ex-boyfriend– 7:14 AM

Both of my old websites are available to register again.
I am so tempted to buy them, lmao.

The Story:
I bought some sneakers from on Dec. 14th with my credit card.
They put the $239.87 hold on my bank account.
At 6:23 AM…
They call asking for the phone number I gave my bank 2 years ago.
Not in the We want your business, and this is a formality voice
Or the English is my second language, but God I’m trying voice.
But in the Inarticulate hood cop interrogating a suspect voice.
I am, obviously, very irritated.
And I don’t mind letting this rent-a-cop know.
I won’t go into the back-and-forth that ensued.
In the end, I got a supervisor (or someone who said he was) to cancel my order.
Then, I called the toll-free number back to make sure it was actually canceled (it was).

The Conclusion:
I will never buy anything from Finishline stores or their website again.
There are too many other options to deal with poor service.
I will buy my overpriced crap elsewhere, thank you.

And now,
I am going back to bed.


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