Let’s get physical!


Oh no…

The title has nothing to do with anything.
Which is bad for SEO, but ah well…

As you can see,
I changed from doing italic beginnings about myself.
To italic tidbits from my favorite newspaper.

I am making a new layout for this website after I type this.

So Pink just got a new layout.
I am already feeling tired of it.
Probably because I look at it so much.

I am so sick of Olivia Kitty.
I’m going back to using my real last name.
Or just Olivia.

I fly back to my college town on Sunday.
I’m both sad and happy…
I can’t wait to see my wittle baby boy (Hobbs)!

I bought him his own website, lmao.
It was going to be all about him.
But, I’m making it into a cash blog instead.

And yes, I just blogged only 2 days after my last one.
Give me a cookie!


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