Okay yeah!


I got a new laptop for Christmas (yay). I got other things as well, but that was the best.

So, I finally added WordPress. I said I would do it, what, five days ago? So, now this website and Dmw have switched. I’m using it only for blogging. I don’t need or want a cms to build my website for me.
I was able to import all my posts, but 268 of my comments were lost. Also, the formatting of the posts and comments are off. I’ll fix the formatting, but I’m not going to add the missing comments, lol.

Recommend a few WP plugins, please…

Name change! I am now using oliviaheart.com. I wanted the name originally, but it was taken. I noticed it dropped, and purchased it right away. Its-olivia.com was too immature for who I am.

I was tired of my old layout. But, I left my Photoshop registration key in my college town. So, I’ll have to work on something when I get back. This new layout is simple, and all CSS.


14 Responses to “Okay yeah!”

  1. Riza says:

    Plug-ins that I recommend are:
    - Askimet
    - WordPress Mobile Edition
    - Maintenance Mode

    There are a few more, but it all depends on how you’ll be utilizing WP.

  2. Luana says:

    oliviaheart sounds a lot cuter than its-olivia, so it was definitely a good choice. happy I’m glad you finally got to register it! Believe it or not, I really like the simplicity of your new layout; more content-oriented, without too much distracting stuff. Kudos winking I still remember when I used to like crowded layout designs back on 2004-2005, when I started designing… Well, I’m more oriented toward clean simple designs now, or artistic ones that are still nicely organized. Likes your domains. winking

    As for WP plugins, I suggest
    - Clean Archives : it lets you have an archived blog page for all blog dates, without having to browse back and forward.

    I can’t think of other essential ones for now. I think Riza’s ones are good suggestions too.

    Take care, Olivia! And thank you again for hosting my character Danielle! ^_^

    - Luana

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi Olivia!

    Is Heart your biological last name? If so, then congrats on having the most awesome name ever. Otherwise, it’s still cool.

    I second the “Clean Archives Reloaded” and “Askimet” plugin. I don’t rely on many myself, so not exactly the best person to advise on this. Regardless, congrats on your move to WordPress, and have fun!


  4. Shannon says:

    Welcome to wordpress.

    I love most things simple to be honest. I’m not really too much into the whole designing thing anymore, unless it has nothing to do with my blog of course.

    I recommend…
    1. Wp-Spam Free
    2. Clean Archives Reloaded (If you want a clean archives page)
    3. Custom Smilies
    4. Math Comment Spam Protection
    5. My Page Order
    6. runPHP
    7. WordPress Database Backup
    8. WordPress Thread Comment.

    Sorry for the long list but I find these plugins to be extremely useful.

  5. Jaz says:

    Yay! WordPress! It’s pretty easy to use, it’s handy. I wondered, are you on Facebook? I am, if you want, I’ll add you. Whats your name on there?

    Hehe, lucky to get a laptop! That is awesome! I was hoping for one but I’ll get one soon enough. I look forward to your new updates here. happy

    Plugins I recommend are:
    Spam Karma 2
    Word Count
    WordPress Database Backup
    Post Word Counter
    Disqus Comment System (lets you reply to comments)

    Thats about it. happy

    Jaz xxx