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Tis the Season


Sitting with Hobbs in my lap; Wearing a happy bunny shirt; Eating Quiznos — 3:58 PM

The background color looks off in Internet Explorer…
Not sure why, do you know?

I finally followed the clever Kate’s advice.
The color issue is no more.
Apparently .png’s don’t work correctly in Internet Explorer 6.0
I am still deciding if I care.

So… Yeah, new layout for this spot.
Just two more revamps to go *sighs*
I like the new lay. Do you?
If enough people hate it, I will make a different one  happy

Did you see my other blog?
I royally owned some e-harassing unknowns.
It’s in the Archive.

This little Thanksgiving break has went well.
I could go into details…
But, I’m going to go do So Pink stuff instead.


The final stretch


Under the covers; Worrying; Drinking orange juice — 8:31 AM

It seems a few stalker idiots think I “stole” my layout.
I have obtained permission to use all the images in my layout.
And credit links are given where due.
Permission #1 | Original #1
Proof #2 | Original #2
My beautiful name is crystal clear  smile

I figured I should blog today.
It seems like everyone else did too, heh.

Visit someone awesome?

I have gotten my tickets to go home for Winter break.
Hobbs is going to fly in the cabin with me.
I got him this incredibly cute carrier
(That I may post a picture of)

I am still working on the forum.

I haven’t worked on my revamps.
But, I have thought about it, lol.

I’m just trying to finish the semester,
And get hell out of here  smile