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Out of the Cave


Sitting in my cubicle at work; Wearing shoes and no socks; Drinking water; Eating barbecue wings — 9:12 PM

I didn’t want to type another post until the promised photo section was done.
But, I had to because…

Today is my website’s birthday! Yes, my dear digital darling is officially one year old, w00t! Here is what she has to show for it.

Unique visitors: 15,526 (started counting April 2008)
Layouts: 12
Blog posts: 62
Comments: 2617
Affiliates: 62

Thanks you wonderful people, you!

Okay so,
The lovely Mimi (she’s awesome) got me thinking about the following subject.
Feel free to express conflicting opinions.
I am not trying to control the world… yet.

Many believe public nudity, or scarcity of clothing, is wrong/degrading. It’s not.

Everyone is born naked. It is humans natural way of being. In an age that spouts “Go green” every 10 minutes, that has to count for something.

Looking at Christianity,
Adam and Eve only became ashamed of their nudity after they disobeyed God. In their pure form, they felt no shame in the absence of clothing.

Our society has shaped a world where clothing is necessary; where one should feel ashamed without it. This idea is re-enforced in many homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

In fear, we scrabble to cover ourselves.
1. Fear people won’t respect you.
2. Fear your family will disapprove.
3. Fear the opposite sex will harass you
4. Fear of the weather
5. Fear of being arrested
6. Fear your body doesn’t look good enough
7. Fear that showing your body will decrease its worth
The list continues…

Hold tight to your fear, if you wish. I know I do (2, 4, and 5).

It is reason that truly drives the stake to hell or heaven.
Some people become priests to molest children. That does not mean being a priest is wrong. Some people kill to protect their country. That does not mean killing is right. It all depends on the reason. Do you really know that scantily-clad MySpacer’s reason?

I just wanted to add my little red fish to the sea of blue ones.
If you still don’t understand the post title, Read This.


No, Seriously


Sitting on the living room floor; Drinking Coke; Wearing a Tokidoki dress — 9:52 PM

Go Home?
I am dealing with massive internal conflict. I need to decide whether to go home, or stay where I am currently gong to college. There are so many factors, pros, cons… Ugh! My head is going to implode.

My revamps are finally done… I think. I keep remixing the hell out of the same layouts, lol. I just need to upload photos of myself. This should happen before my next blog post, or at that same time.
My new project has launched! It is website help offered by yours truly.
The poor quality of so many websites is really irking me. Especially, when those same websites are passing on invalid information to others. This annoyance led me to my domain registrar. There, I decided between four names: omg-no, wtf-is-this, pls-stop, and no-srsly. I chose no-srsly, but opted out of the hyphen.

I began working on Feverishly detailing the ‘why would you do that’, ‘this doesn’t even make sense’, and ‘leave that back in 1993′. After releasing all that negativity, I felt much less annoyed. So, I decided to be a benefactor rather than a bxtch. This left a two-part problem (1)What content to put up and (2)Will it be useful to others. My resolution to said problem is a custom Q&A system.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.