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Blah, Blah

Dear Cowardly Anonymous Email,
No one asked you to put me on a pedestal. This is a personal website, not a tutorial/graphic/layout candy bag. I think it’s great you’ve found a new idol. I don’t want your worship.

Gosh, Shellz was right. Blog titles are hard to come up with.  sad

But yeah,
I was sick of the pop-up things. Perhaps because I them on my hosting site for so long. So I remixed both websites’ layout. I was going to round the corners, but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Hobbs is growing so fast, and he is not phased by the toilet incident at all. I have to shoo him off the seat all the time. He now loves the leap-and-dig-claws-in game. I am hoping that will pass soon :|

Mind my own business?
Background: I live in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom with my boyfriend, and his fraternity brother. Don’t judge me, lol! Anyway, our roommate is rotating between 3 girls at night. One of which is rather nice, and we’ve become well-acquainted. Friendly conversation revealed her ignorance of the other girls.
Would you tell her? Or leave it to the wind…


$75 Shirts


Revamp, Life

So Pink
I have learned a lot from owning a free hosting website. Especially about how much bandwidth, and disk space one really needs. I have 29 hostees, and 7 of my domains, on one package. We’re only using 160 MB of disk space and 3 GB of bandwidth.

Domain Giveaway
I have to decided to give “” to one of my hosted. I’m not sure which one yet. No one seems to want “”  sad . I may have another domain up for grabs, but only if Cory doesn’t want it.

This is my new layout. It relies heavily on javascript. Some may have to refresh to see the true end-product. I appreciate all feedback, good and bad.

Life Flash
1. Gave up summer classes; they can have me Fall and Spring
2. My boss totally loves me
3. I am so into tokidoki; spending too much money
4. Trying to organize my life; both online and off
5. It is ridiculously hot down here  sad