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So, I guess I’m “it”


Gratitude, Tagged

I want to say thanks!
Everyone kept it cool, and didn’t bring any drama to my blog.
(some may not know what I’m referring to)
Also, I have some wonderful new linked. Check ‘em out!

Yes, I’m doing it too.
Blame Jaz, lol! She tagged me with this: Write a blog with 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about yourself.

1. I am allergic to mosquitoes.
2. I like to sleep on the floor, sometimes.
3. I drink lots of cranberry juice.
4. I am the first child, and first grandchild.
5. I laugh every time I see this guy.
6. I like fries with my ketchup.
7. I watch Animal Precinct.
8. I don’t want your man, ’cause I got it like that.
9. I attended 6 elementary schools.
10. I want to feed a panda.

I refuse to tag anyone else, muahahahaha.


Look some more


Link exchanges, Music, Belonging

Many of my linked seem to be closing, on hiatus, or just randomly disappearing. If you’re interested in joining the cool club (heh), contact me.

New Music.
Josh Groban is an amazing singer! I downloaded What I’m Looking For by Brendan Benson a week or so ago. I now listen to it like 11 times a day. Also, DJ Shrek, Muse, and Feist rock out loud. Yes, I’m a pirate (don’t hurt me!).

Wrong Era.
Sometimes I feel I belong in a different time. Namely, the 60s. I’m all about free will, and fighting the system. Plus, I love (and use) the culture of that decade.

Do you relate to past eras?