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Just imagination?


Coming soon, Superstitions

I’m working on my March layout.
Hopefully, it will be done this Sunday (March 1st). I’m thinking various greens and white. All the people in my Entourage will be added to a side or bottom bar. Along with the stuff on the Support page. I also plan to add a site map (again).

A lot of people think themed layouts are lame.
Nevertheless, I like them. Hearts for February, clovers for March, raindrops for April. What’s not to love, huh?

A lot of my older family members are very superstitious.
You shouldn’t buy eggs at night, wear too many buttons, break mirrors, spill salt, etc… Or if someone sneezes 3 times in a row, you have to give him/her a dollar to avoid 3 years of bad luck, lol.

I wouldn’t call myself superstitious.
However, I find myself knocking on wood and wishing people luck. As well as refraining from opening umbrellas indoors and splitting poles.

Are you at all superstitious?


No pictures please!


Fame: The 24 hour fishbowl

More link exchanges

The paparazzi are clearly out of hand.
Taking pictures and recording video without consent; peering in homes; badgering with personal questions; constantly following at a 1.5 inch distance… All this would easily build a law suit, or even restraining order, for an ordinary person. But, celebrities are rarely compensated for damage done by the media.

The reason these people get away with blatant harassment is unclear. However, their motive for doing so is quite obvious; money. The public is buying the magazines, watching the shows, and visiting the websites. Making celebrity-probing a lucrative endeavor.

People are alarmed by the government’s “nerve” to monitor our Internet activities, or tap phone lines. Yet, a middle-aged photographer can examine Lindsay Lohan’s trash, stalk Britney Spears in a grocery store, and spy through Brad Pitt’s window. All without the average person raising an eyebrow.

Celebrities are kept on display long after their show is over.
The caption, outside their cage, often falsified to be more interesting.
A crowd fighting to snap a picture, record a video, or get a relationship update at every turn.

Should a celebrity be forced into the public eye?