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A short break

I should return fairly soon.

I just need one less thing to worry about right now  smile




Cold, Revamp, Random

I’m over my cold. SO freakin’ happy about that  smile
A few people misunderstood the tonsils statement.
I had them removed as a child, because their huge size stopped me from breathing. But, tonsils block a lot of crap from getting in your system so  sad

The revamp isn’t really worth talking about.
It’s one of those i-just-can’t-look-at-my-old-layout-another-day layouts.

Bleh, there’s lots to blog about.
But, I know there’s only one opinion I care to see; mine lol

So let’s be random… Yeah!

1. I am slightly addicted to the Quiznos Chicken Carbonara sandwich.
2. I’m attempting to drink only water/100% juice this week.
3. I stopped talking to someone, because she had an abortion.
4. I randomly quote Family Guy.
5. I hate when a word looks like it’s not spelled right (even though it is).