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Now they’re gone


This morning,
I awoke to find all my email accounts wiped squeaky clean.
My host (ehostpros) had graciously thanked me for my 19 months of business; by deleting every single email message off their server.

To show their sympathy, they sent this heart-felt message:
We have a backup of your domain upto dec 24th and we see that there are no data in your email account on backups also. Thanks for your cooperation. Sorry we do not help you in this.

You don’t even want to know what that means.

I’ll admit,
This is the first unresolved problem I’ve had with them.
But, it’s freakin’ major. Who knows what else will magically disappear.
I’m using up the 6 months I have left, and moving :|

Any web hosting recommendations?

Every Olivia, and wannabe Olivia, on the planet has a Gmail account.
As well as I, after over an hour of frustrated brain crunching.

1. Hope you all had a wonderful time yesterday
2. I had a great Christmas
3. January revamp coming
4. Coding a template for my 4images gallery (pain in the…winking


No change to spare


Taking care of your own

When Mother Theresa received her Nobel Prize,
She was asked, What can we do to promote world peace?
She replied, “Go home and love your family.”

All too often we ignore our very own to help foreign strangers.

I’m not talking about those celebrities who utilize the lets-save-Africa publicity stunt.

I mean people who truly believe one should travel overseas to do “good”; when there are starving children in their own downtown area.
Or pass a homeless man on their way to work each day.

Those who fight for an increase in foreign aid.
But, oppose tax raises that will put textbooks in local schools.

It seems like Christmas is the only time we acknowledge the poor, hungry, and homeless in our own country.

There are some programs, organizations, and people trying all year
(real charities; not those selling things they get for free).
But, it takes the majority to make major change.

Put your family first. Then, if you find yourself with excess time/money,
Give to your community.