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You good?


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So… Hey, lol. How ya doing?

I’m not in love with my winter revamp, but I’ll probably end up launching it anyway. The problem is the background image…
Where’s all you artists’ Christmas spirit?!

I still get a lot of compliments on this background image. It was made by a 14 year old girl. All her stuff is pretty rad; just be sure to credit.

Tonight I have homework (gag), so I will probably launch the new layout tomorrow night. I’m rather eager to read your feedback.

My web host (or perhaps ISP is to blame) suddenly decided it didn’t want my IP address to visit anymore.
So now I have to do anything site-related (email, updates, stats, blog) through a proxy server. Which pretty much sucks.

+ Boyfriend – Friend – Money + Linked + Frustration = Now


It’s a happy Thanksgiving


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Newly linked: Gyk and Sylvia.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Name Contest!
The winner is Thao with “”!
There were a lot of good names. However, many of you forgot name was just the domain suffix, i.e. com; which resulted in submissions that didn’t quite make sense.

I do not EVER plan on buying a .name domain.
But, “” IS going to be replaced.
Evidently, hyphens should be avoided. So I may grab while it’s still available (.com isn’t).

Changed my mind. Already bought though. Might turn it into a PPP or B2P, get my $15 back, lol.
My winter revamp will (hopefully) be done today on Sunday

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a small gift for those who’d like one.

Are you doing what you usually do this year?

I’m just eating dinner with my family that’s here.
Then, coming right back to my dorm room.
So loving the lack of roommates  happy