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New lay and Stuff

1. Please tell me about any site issues
2. Before you report an issue, refresh the page
3. If you don’t see your button on the links page, give me one

Say hello to my latest linked Crissy, Jayde, and Lisa.
I’m always looking for more.

You like?
It’s darker than I’m used to, but I like it. I always end up with something completely different than my initial vision. It’s weird.
You may notice a 3 in each page name. Don’t question it!
Took me forever, but I believe this version works in all browsers. Why isn’t there just one simple browser?!
Tried to go XHTML 1.0 Strict. However, I can’t give up “target=’_blank’”.
I found out, too late, you can achieve the same effect with JavaScript.
No more tables  sad
Only divs, and these things don’t smoothly adjust like tables. As a result, you have to comment and view comments/archive/search in a pop-up (bleh). Not having tables sucks. I’ll probably use them in my next version (sorry techies).

I get angry/annoyed very easily. I know this, still I often express myself before cooling down. I blow up, say some things, maybe do some things. Then it’s over. However, this particular friend is playing hard to get… back.


Hi… Bye


Oh so random

Check out the newly link’d Rob and Aisha

I’m working on a new website layout and photo/video/cam stuff. As well as trying to get ready for Monday. Gawd! It’s so hard to choose a style…

I am so sick of school. Not my classes, not my teachers, not my university. Just institutional education period.
I told my mom, and she said “You have no other options.” Then she put my dad on the phone, and he said the same thing.  sad

Random Thoughts
1. I like Heidi from the The Hills more than Lauren
2. The people you like most rarely deserve it
3. “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani is a great track
4. American law is unfair even in its purest form
5. Aluminum in deodorant causes cancer Evidently an urban legend
6. Nacho cheese makes me happy

That’s all for now… I have lots to do, and little motivation to do it.