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Bootz did what?! -I’m so ashamed.


Negative Free Expression vs. Social Responsibility

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Now on to the topic…

I realize that when one Black person does something wrong, it is typically taken as a reflection of all Black people. However, there is a BIG difference between realizing that, and believing it is “ok”.

Pillars of the community wish to extinguish entities that present or encourage negative behavior by Black people. For example: rap, hip hop, Flavor of Love, and I love New York. Why?
Because there are people who don’t know the difference between television, and the flesh world we live in.

So, instead of attempting to make stupid people smarter, we’re attempting to destroy anything that may trigger something negative in their backward mind.
This is not only ridiculous, but says “Yes, being prejudice is right. You keep doing that, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your idiocy.”

You wouldn’t try to get hot stoves banned. You would teach your child a hot stove would burn it.
Hot stoves are beneficial. So are these programs/albums. They are entertaining, and produce commerce.

What are you saying to yourself, to the world, to children; When you are ashamed or embarrassed by their actions when your only connection is being “Black”?
You are saying that their skin color is responsible for their behavior. That, because they are Black, they are X, Y, or Z. And, since you are also Black, you are ashamed.

You’re offended? So what? Americans are allowed to freely express themselves with few limitations.
The KKK are still allowed to rally, walk around in sheets, and produce hate media. Why shouldn’t Flavor Flav or Lil’ Boosie be allowed the same freedom?
Offended? Don’t watch the show. Don’t listen to the music. Go about your life.

My alternative? Educate people.
Teach them that people are individuals. Not beings prepackaged by color.
Teach them 98% of the time, the purpose of television is to entertain; Including the news (proven in the 2 weeks CNN/NBS covered Paris Hilton’s arrest almost exclusively).

This isn’t a rant. This is a logical argument. I have a problem with this, and I’m doing something about it. Simple people will say “actions speak louder than words”. But, last time I checked, speaking is an action.

What say you?  smile


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The appropriate time

I recently went to Olive Garden for a second date. The guy and I talked about a lot of things over dinner, including sex. He spent a good 30 to 45 minutes on how he didn’t think you had to wait a certain time before becoming intimate. Even throwing in a story about how he and a woman, he slept with on the first night, were together for 10 months.
After dinner, he tried several times to have sex with me (surprise, surprise), in such a way I didn’t demand to go home (yeah, he was good). However, we didn’t do anything sexual.
The next day he called, telling me how he really could see himself in a serious relationship with me. And the night before had been a test (that phone call ended with a great degree of hostility on both ends).

Do you think one should be in a relationship for X amount of days, weeks, or months before becoming intimate?

Regardless of whether your body wants to do it sooner?

If so, why?