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But he’s a guy!


Double Gender Standards

We all know that a male and female can do the same thing/be in the same situation; Yet be perceived differently.

A single dad is respected, and applauded for “stepping up”. While a single mom is frowned upon, and should have “kept her legs closed”. A guy kissing another guy, or hugged up on another guy is automatically gay (aka gross). But, if it’s girls, they could just be close friends. Men that often sleep around are pimps. However, a woman with multiple partners is a h*e. And so on…

There has been a obvious positive progression over time. And there are some people who don’t even share society’s current beliefs in this area. But, double gender standards are still very much present today.

Have they ever come to your advantage or disadvantage?


Ur a ugly wh*re. – Thnx 4 the hits


Any Attention is Good Attention?

I don’t get it. Many people don’t seem to care whether they’re called a b*tch or a beauty; h*e or a housewife; idiot or idol; laughing with them or at them. As long as people are acknowledging their existence, they’re happy.
I see why celebrities or wannabe-celebs think this way. The good/bad publicity they get often translates into dollars. But what on earth do people in different arenas get out it? What is so special about simply being “known”?
I’m not saying you should “go off” on anyone who says negative things about you. However, it’s one thing to laugh it off or ignore it. And another to embrace it, and beg for more.