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Net Drama over the top and out of control

I think there are 3 or 4 different guys and 2 girls that have “net beef” with me. I think because I’ve found that “new” people I talked to were actually the same jerks using a fake id. So who knows how many people it actually is.
The girls are nothing, they just send me negative emails all the time. Even though I stopped responding long ago. The guys are another story.

I have had two computers hacked and one was destroyed. Probably 3 IDs stolen and one ID locked.
They make IDs as close to mine as possible and impersonate me. In addition to spreading rumors and making fake webcam captures.
Random people email and IM me all the time thinking I’m a jerk/cam whore.

Evidently, I’m getting what I “deserve” for being on cam so much. And I must show, because I get so much attention and admin in so many rooms. I’m just being “stuck-up” towards them. :|

What the f***? I know it’s not real life. But it’s real people and my real face that’s out there. and there’s nothing I can do about it.  sad

How do you handle the a**holes, hackers, stalkers, and idiots online?