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Stupid hoes


Excuse my vulgar language, however, that title is the only way to describe the content of this blog entry lol.

Recently, I called some little girl out for the talentless theif she is so…

I got the following email the other day:

Whore, the next time you want to kiss roras ass, dont come to my site to do it. As soon as she posted thats when all you whores start sniffing her ass. How does it smell? Can you brethe? Im going to block your ip with the quickest In a second!

Well after reading that I’m sure you can see the type of person she is. But I’ll go on typing anyway.

I just happened to stumble upon her hideous website and read the blog. Which was basically a paragraph of the things idiots tell themselves to feel better about stealing other people’s ideas.

I typed nothing about any “rora” (the chick she stole from).
My comment just happened to come after her’s.

I have no reason to lie or kiss a random person’s ass.

Why make anyone be able to comment, if you start crying everytime someone speaks a little truth?

Lol, this is the first time I’ve been blocked from a site, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Idiots like her are all too common.

“Honesty is seldom rewarded”