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My English teacher is an idiot. I hope to never cross paths with him again after this semester is over. And plan to have as little contact as possible with him during it. I hope this headache he caused and my roommate leave soon.

I got an 83% on a test in his class today, should have gotten at least an A. I began to question him about his “answers”, and the immaturity that bubbled from his chapped lips explained that any further discourse would prove futile.

My classmates are blind and look to this charlatan for truths. While scorning mine which don’t come from front of a blackboard.

“When a true genuis appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”
-Jonathan Swift




i finally got my blog up. i asked a few people to help me out with it *cough* affiliates, but i guess they were too busy. anyhow, i spent a lot of time trying to get wordpress and geeklog up… then it took like 5 freakin minutes to set up this is thing so blah, i wont complain, at least its up…

i have plenty to type but that will have to wait til i get my danged pictures all together.